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About CBC (America) Manufacturer of Computar and GANZ

Imaging Technology (CCTV) Division


Computar, the world’s largest producer of CCTV Lenses, provides over 200 state-of-the-art lens products, covering fixed focal and varifocal lenses in both manual and auto iris configurations, manual and motorized zoom lenses, and high-speed aspherical lenses. Computar Lenses are employed extensively in high-security applications such as airports, banks, casinos and government buildings.



The GANZ brand encompasses a wide variety of high-quality video surveillance and network devices, from compact security cameras and monitors, to leading edge DVRs and remote surveillance software. GANZ is the brand name for high-quality video security systems and products supplied by CBC.


GANZ has recently expanded its full line of automotive surveillance systems - Ganz Automotive. The Ganz Automotive line features leading-edge technology from drive recorders and mobile DVRs to rear view monitoring systems and armored PTZs. We have recently introduced our new H.264 Mobile DVR and our Armored Series of Mobile PTZ cameras for command and control vehicles. Keep checking back for more NEW GANZ AUTOMOTIVE products.


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